domenica 29 ottobre 2017

giovedì 6 luglio 2017

Scam Scam Scam (se non sapete cosa significa cercatelo con google)

Greeting Dear Beneficiary,

I am Barrister Alpha Juris, a solicitor at law,legal practitioner and personal Attorney to Mr. Richard Blanchard who died in air crash with her wife Mrs. Lilla C. Blanchard on his business trip to PAKISTAN in An Pakistan Airline with other passengers on board which confirmed 152 People killed in a plane crash. I am Barrister Alpha Juris, a Legal practitioner and I wish to solicit your assistance in a deal that involves reasonable amount of money. This deal by virtue of its nature must be utterly confidential and top secret. Though I know that transaction of this magnitude will make any one apprehensive and worried, but I guarantee you that this will be done under a legitimate arrangement that will protect both of us from any breach of the law.

I came to know you in my private search for a reliable and reputable Business Person/individual that can handle this confidential deal with me, which requires maximum confidence and trust from both sides.


I had a client by name Mr. Richard Blanchard who was one of the richest man in your country but does most of his business in Asia. He was into several business before his untimely death by air crash. This website will give you comprehensive picture of what I am talking about ( My client who died along with his lovely wife deposited the Sum of $25 Million (Twenty Five Million United States Dollars Only) with a bank here.

During the bank audit exercise, the bank discovered my late client's deposit as an unclaimed credit balance, hence issued me a notice to provide any relatives of my client otherwise they will have the account closed and the fund confiscated. I have made several inquiries to his high commission to locate my client's extended relatives, but all my efforts proved abortive, I then decided to trace his relatives or family member over the internet, and hence I found you as my instinct convinces me that you will be a trustworthy and honest business partner and I decided to contact you to assist me in repatriating my late client's deposit before it got confiscated or declared unserviceable by the financial institution where the fund is lodged.

I now seek your permission to present you as my deceased client relative and have you stand as the Next of Kin to my deceased client so that the funds of $25 Million (Twenty Five Million United States Dollars Only) can be released and paid into your account as the beneficiary and next of kin.You and I will share the money in this ratio,45% will be for you and 45% shall be for I while 10% shall be map out for any expanse that might incur in this transfer.

I will provide all necessary legal documents that can be used to back up your claim. Be informed that this transaction is risk free otherwise my chambers will not contact you because it is against our ethics. Please acknowledge receipt of this message in acceptance of our mutual business endeavor by furnishing me with the followings details;

1). Your Full Name:......
2). Current Resident Address:.......
3). Your Valid Direct Tel/ Mobile/Fax Number:.......
4). Your Occupation:......
5). Your Age, Sex & Marital Status:......
6). Your Nationality:.......
7). Your Private E-mail Address:.....

Please get in touch with me immediately to my private E-mail:( with your the above peronal details, then I will commence work in your name immediately.

These requirements will enable us file letters of claim to the appropriate departments for necessary approvals in your favor as the real beneficiary next of kin to my late client.

Looking forward to your prompt response.

Yours Sincerely,
Barrister Alpha Juris (Esq).

mercoledì 5 luglio 2017

LUIS FONSI - DESPACITO (in versione Metal)

mercoledì 28 giugno 2017

Essere Postepay o non essere Postepay, questo è il dilemma

Egregio Utente di Postepay,
Come da nostra precedente comunicazione, la normativa bancaria vigente, in materia di prevenzione
dei reati di riciclaggio, richiede l´acquisizione, il mantenimento e l´aggiornamento nel tempo reale
di tutte le informazioni necessarie per assolvere agli obblighi di adeguata verifica della clientela.
Nel tuo caso i dati anagrafici presenti nei nostri sistemi risultano incompleti e/o il documento
di identità risulta scaduto, non è quindi possibile regolarizzare la tua posizione.
Ti invitiamo, pertanto, ad effettuare immediatamente l'aggiornamento dei tuoi dati. Se questa
richiesta viene ancora ignorata, la tua Postepay verrà bloccata e non potrai più uttilizzarla.
Per eseguire l'aggiornamento (conferma) dei dati, si prega di cliccare sul link sottostante che ti
porterà sul sito delle Poste nella sezione dedicata alle verifiche.

Certo certo adesso clicco, anche se il link a cui mi chiedi di andare non è di, mica sarà una fregatura no?

E poi non ho nemmeno la postepay. Ahahaha.

domenica 28 maggio 2017

Disturbed - "The Sound Of Silence"

giovedì 25 maggio 2017

Ma come sono fortunatello.... (non proprio corretto il termine)

Facebook Company Inc.
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Dear Winner,

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For your claim contact our Payment Department Office with your winning information.
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Ms. Christine Harter
Facebook Supervisor ©2017. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
All right reserved facebook terms.